What has been your favourite part of Mother Effect this term?

  • The garden, bringing seeds home to grow then bring them back to plant.
  • Seeing happy busy children playing and worshipping together!
  • Fellowship with other mums & the presentation time each week
  • Gathering together, different works/activities for kids that they don’t get at home
  • Getting out, the set-up and varied activities, hospitality, friendship, love
  • The environment of loving, caring mothers of volunteers which feels safe, welcoming and passionate about the needs of the child.



How has coming along to this weekly mothers group inspired your family life?

Inspired family life in too many ways to name. I am more present in my kids lives, I try and make my home more fulfilling for the children and for me, I am also on a journey to learn more about things in the Church.

"My children love singing the songs they learn at home :) We have set up a prayer table."

"Using more montessori/cgs activities at home having seen what my child is interested in at mother effect."

"Bringing God into our everyday family life."

"Encourages me to attempt new activities at home."

"I have changed my child’s room to be more child centred. My husband sees a difference in the approach I am making and is joining in with a more child centred attitude. I have continued to research montessori in my free time and have used some ideas."