Mother Effect Mission was initiated from my home in 2012.

It started as an online group offering mothers support and prayers with a weekly play group for mothers and children. It grew to become a motherhood formation group with play, study, prayer and action elements.

To summarise, our mission is to empower families to become effective communicators of the Gospel to their children.

Our three main missions are: creating groups, publishing articles and presenting teaching on all things 'domestic church'.

In our groups I observe that mothers are left in awe as they discover their child too has the capacity to have a life giving relationship with God. 

The children contribute to family life as they can show their household a way of living in deep communion with God.

Children live and breathe every moment united with God.

What I see growing in this space is a respect for the dignity of the child – a place of recognition of the presence of the child Jesus.

The mother’s heart is softened towards their child and something new starts to grow, the child is invited in and a small three-person community is emerging – mother, child and God.

It is clear to me that a new purpose is growing among these mothers which requires we accept the challenge coming from the child – to be satisfied, to concentrate and to move purposefully.

A mother reported back to me, “I too am learning to slow down, have patience, think about my son’s needs and stop making him do things the way I want it done.

“I can see him learning his dignity and I am growing in my own.”

This text is a living example of the words Jesus spoke in Matthew 18:3-4:

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

We have plans to grow and establish mothers’ groups more broadly and in doing so we hope to reinvigorate mother culture by nurturing parent-child communication and harmony.

Our articles and presentations hold strong emphasis on testimony, scripture and church teaching. The very aim of all we do is to promote the sanctity, dignity and mission of childhood, motherhood and the family. 



Two and a half years ago I had this idea to grow something in the church and in the world who are preparing for children
I would go to church and there was maybe only one other family there. I asked, ‘Where have the generations gone of families with little ones?
...we need to welcome children...







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