Parent Training Overview

We believe that parents are the first educators of their children. We believe there are incredible opportunities for parents to up-skill in this role. There are specialists in the field of children and faith formation. Who can provide methods and demonstration for the family. Along with this we hope to host a range of training opportunities that tap into important areas of the family life like MISSION, DISCIPLE, PARENTING and LEADERSHIP. 

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“This parent formation course allowed me as a parent to see the wonders of the Gospel message through a child’s eyes. It introduced the novel concept that we as parents are called to provide suitable environments for children so that they can encounter Christ for themselves and draw nearer to Him.” 
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“This parent formation has shown me how to be intentional with my mothering. The course opened my eyes to the wonders and gift that the child is, helping me to better understand my child, and gave me knowledge on how to best prepare the home environment for my child to flourish.” 


"I loved this training, the best part was getting together with other like minded mothers to share in the struggle of motherhood. As well as this it was great to hear other peoples journey of becoming mothers and learning ways to best nurture the child in our homes."